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Car hire, 4WD hire, car rental and campervan hire is easy and affordable with Apollo Car Rentals Australia . Great rates and service for your Australia car hire.

Apollo Car Rentals Australia offers a range of quality rental cars from branches around Australia, including Car Rental Adelaide, Car Rental Alice Springs, Car Rental Brisbane, Car Rental Broome, Car Rental Cairns, Car Rental Darwin, Car Rental Melbourne, Car Rental Perth and Car Rental Sydney.

If you want great rates and personalised service, Apollo Car Rentals is the way to go. Book your next car rental with us today!

Hot Deals
Hot deals travelling from...
Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney
Apollo Vivid Camper
20% off
Apollo Vivid Camper
20% off
Apollo Euro Tourer
20% off
Apollo Euro Star
15% off
Relocations for...
Brisbane to Melbourne
Aquila RV - 2 Berth S/T
$1 per day plus $100 free fuel against receipts
Brisbane to Perth
Cheapa Endeavour Camper
$1 per day plus $250 free fuel against receipts
Cairns to Sydney
Hercules RV - 6 Berth
$1 per day
Perth to Melbourne or Sydney
Cheapa 4wd Camper
$1 per day plus $250 vehicle can be returned nearly empty
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